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제목이마트 미국법인 Sourcing Merchandiser (신입) 채용

회사명 E-mart America, Inc
업종 사무직
연락처 562-677-7100

이마트는 대한민국 생활 트렌드 선도기업인 신세계 그룹을 중심으로 성장하는 대한민국 대표 유통기업입니다.
이마트 미국법인 Sourcing (Food) 팀에서 열정 가득한 인재를 채용하고 있사오니, 아래 자세한 직무 및 지원 자격을 확인하시어 많은 지원 바랍니다.

Emart America
Job Title: Sourcing Food Merchandise
Department: Sourcing Department
Job Type: Full-time

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

E-Mart America Inc. is looking for a talented and driven Souring Merchandiser to join our team. E-mart is a leading and largest retailer in South Korea. E-mart conducts direct business with vendors in order to supply goods to our stores in Korea. With a myriad of different channels, E-mart offers a variety of popular brands and products for everyday and special occasions.
The Sourcing Merchandiser is responsible for sourcing and procuring products that delivers the best value in price and quality, establish and oversee the production functions of vendors, and develop new supply chains for new trends and buying programs.


- Retail merchandising/buying experience, or comparable merchandising and inventory planning experience preferred
(Grocery Food channel experience plus)
- Bachelor’s Degree is required (Sourcing or purchasing related major preferred)
- Must have your own transportation and a valid driver’s license
- Strong interpersonal and communications skills (oral & written); Effective negotiation skills
- Ability to work efficiently in a team-oriented environment
- An advanced proficiency in Microsoft Office products: Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook
- Bilingual (fluent in both Korean and English preferred)
- Understands inventory planning, forecasting techniques and operational systems (for seasonal products and commodities)
- Detail-oriented and strong organizational skills with advanced analytical and problem solving-skills
- Flexible to travel domestically and internationally
- Demonstrate ability to multi-task and work in fast paced environment

Job Duties/Responsibilities include:

1. Buying Management
- Initiates purchase orders and amendments for sellable inventory; arranges for submission and inspection of sample products as required; maintains
close coordination with vendors to ensure timely execution and coordination of sourcing activities
- Secures and analyzes quotations, negotiates prices and terms with vendors, and communicates with them regarding company’s requirements for cost, quality, and delivery competitiveness
- Resolves quality issues with vendors to maintain stability
- Monitor open purchase orders to ensure on-time delivery, maintain quality order status, and track shipment
- Responsible for leading all buyer trips regarding their category and region for each customer
- Performs any other duties delegated from time to time in order to maintain a high level of efficiency within the department
- Ensure compliance of global and corporate application standards
- Familiar with KFDA requirements and regulations

2. Brand/Vendor Management
- Studies market prices and current trends, engineering developments, and manufacturing method improvements applicable to assigned product lines
- Visit/Find suppliers’ facilities to qualify them as new sources and introduce new products for development (production, design, quality, and deliver)
- Travel as needed to current contract manufacturers/vendors to monitor production and look to expand current business
- Responsible for complete management of their category and territory relationships with suppliers
- Perform extensive research to find quality products and continuously develops sourcing and procurement strategies and execute goals
- Attend food conferences/trade shows to network with different vendors and manufacturers
- Ensure forecasts and purchase orders are effectively communicated to suppliers
- Establish regular reports to review past performance and align current forecasts
- Develop purchase agreements with key vendors to ensure quality, cost and timely receipts

Our Benefits:

- Medical / Dental / Vision / Life Insurance
- Paid Sick Day & Vacation
- 401(k) Employee Retirement Plan with company matching

COVID-19 Precaution(s):

- Remote interview process
- Personal protective equipment provided or required
- Plastic shield at work stations
- Temperature screenings
- Social distancing guidelines in place
- Virtual meetings
- Sanitizing, disinfecting, or cleaning procedures in place

** Please submit your resume to p90kp0@shinsegae.com

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Q.군인 할 수 있나요??
A. 미군입대를 생각하시면 영주권이나 시민권이 있어야 합니다. 요즘 매브니 프로그램으로 비영주권자도 군대를 가긴 하지만 뉴스에 자주 나오는것처럼 트럼프 행정부에서 불이익을 받을수 있으니 영주권이 나온후 입대신청 하시는게 안전합니다. 육해공군을 다 갈수있고 시험을 본후 점수에 따라 원하는 병과를 택하고 좋은 기술을 배울수있는 병과일수록 의무복무 연수가 길어집니다. 만일 입대시험은 통과했으나 충분히 의사소통할수있을만큼 영어가 안되면 군대에서 랭귀지 코스도 교육시켜줍니다. 입대시험은 본인이 점수가 만족될때까지 재시험볼수도 있습니다. 대도시보다는 작은 지방일수록 좋은 병과를 택할수있는 기회가 많습니다. 대도시는 지원자가 많아서 지방보다는 경쟁이 심하기 때문입니다. 또한 새로운 분기가 시작될때 좋은 병과를 고르기 쉽습니다. 육군이 제일 들어가기 쉬운 편입니다. 여자들에게는 그리 만만하지는 않겠지만 의지가 있고 장래를 생각하면 충분히 도전할만한 가치가 있습니다. 한국사람들은 우수해서 대부분 잘 적응하는 편입니다. 한인 육군 모병관이 엘에이에 있는걸로 아는데 충분히 시간을 가지고 생각해서 도움받으시면 좋을겁니다.
Q.직장내 흡연자가 옆에 있는 경우
A. 흡연자들은 자신들이 남한테 어떤 피해를 주는줄을 자각하지 못합니다. 바로 이야기 해서 알려줘야 합니다. 간접흡연이 더나쁘다고 합니다. 직접 말하세요. 최소한 흡연하고 입이라도 가글하고 들어오면 한결 났습니다.
Q.온사이트 인터뷰 초청시
A. 큰 기업은 대부분 경비를 제공하는데 이상하네요. 물어본다고 전혀 인터뷰에 문제 없어요.