Newly Invented Korean Bulgogi with 10 layers of flavor
news_cate 케이타운 비디오 유튜버 Amiyo 날짜 2019-09-19

When you compare my bulgogi recipe with others,
you see others' recipe with the meat marinated in the sauce.
that way, the meat is surrounded by liquid and will not cause Maillard reaction.
furthermore, it is a mere recipe that uses the combination of different ingredients to formulate flavor, rather than building up layers of flavor to add depth to the dish.
my bulgogi recipe is not marinated. by adding layer by layer, we can create depth of flavor with the simplest ingredients.

bulgogi is the most common dish in Korea and one of the representative Korean food world wide.
by taking a different approach to bulgogi, I created by bulgogi recipe.
many people ask how I develop a new recipe.
to answer this question, creating a new recipe is an incredibly difficult task.
rather, by preparing the existing food in different approach creates an amazing recipe that is outside the box.
likewise, I believe that Korean cuisine can improve by taking different approach to prepare them.

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Hello, I'm Amiyo, making scientific cooking videos.
I was once a pre-med student.
Mesmerized by the world of cooking, I entered the culinary field and recently worked in a Michelin 3-star restaurant.
Due to personal reasons, I had to stop working at a restaurant, but to provide all food lovers with better knowledge, I decided to start a scientific cooking Youtube. 

I thought I won't be able to shoot nice videos like those professional cooking channels, so I wanted to add my scientific knowledge to cooking for my content.

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