Eastern Sierra Fall Color - Backpacking Sabrina Basin to Hungry Packer Lake
news_cate 케이타운 비디오 유튜버 Yongsung Kim 날짜 2019-10-15

Day 1: Lake Sabrina - Blue Lake - Dingleberry Lake - Midnight Lake - Hungry Packer Lake

Day 2: Hungry Packer Lake - Echo Lake - Moonlight Lake - Dingleberry Lake - Blue Lake - Lake Sabrina

It was October 5-6, 2 days 1 night backpacking trip.

We arrived Hungry Packer Lake after sunset and found that there were not many available camping spots. The only available established camping spot had a perfect view but it was too close to the water. I knew the rule to camp 100 feet away from the water but I had no choice as it was getting dark.

Next morning, a ranger came to my tent and gave me a warning ticket. I could have had to pay a big fine. If you are going to camp at Hungry Packer Lake, I recommend that you camp way behind the lake. It's practically impossible to find a legal camping spot near the lake.

Scenery: ★★★★★

Difficulty: ★★★★

Distance: 15 miles

Elevation gain: 3500 feet

Map: https://www.alltrails.com/explore/map...

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