50 Most Beautiful Lakes in California
news_cate 케이타운 비디오 유튜버 Yongsung Kim 날짜 2020-05-18

Have you googled "most beautiful lakes in California"?

The results suck. Google needs lots of references to rank something high. But the most beautiful lakes in the mountains don't have many visitors.

As the second part of my hiking reminiscence while staying at home, I challenged myself to rank 50ish most beautiful lakes in California. Here is my humble opinion. 

Hope this helps you find your next adventure when COVID19 situation is over. 

Until then, please stay at home.

Here is the full list of lakes in the video with the links to the original videos.

You can find the trail maps, difficulties and scenery factors in the descriptions of the linked videos.

1. Big Pine Lakes https://youtu.be/r53E12tFvmk

2. Hungry Packer Lake https://youtu.be/n7bScSTQUK4

3. Thousand Island Lake https://youtu.be/cCWl08caSCk

4. Little Five Lakes https://youtu.be/H9J7IWzdeyg

5. Rae Lakes https://youtu.be/T8u1f_5luTA

6. Nydiver Lakes https://youtu.be/V0bwHgCo-wo

7. Ediza Lakes https://youtu.be/Ae6Ye973BXk

8. Long Lake https://youtu.be/gB08892kIVQ

9. Mack Lake https://youtu.be/0ewJzkKz3tY

10. Box Lake https://youtu.be/0ewJzkKz3tY

11. Iceberg Lake https://youtu.be/V0bwHgCo-wo

12. Columbine Lake https://youtu.be/H9J7IWzdeyg

13. Cecil Lake https://youtu.be/V0bwHgCo-wo

14. Minaret Lake https://youtu.be/V0bwHgCo-wo

15. Spring Lakes https://youtu.be/H9J7IWzdeyg

16. Bullfrog Lake https://youtu.be/T8u1f_5luTA

17. Upper Cathedral Lake https://youtu.be/0-yy3pirq3Q

18. Lower Cathedral Lake https://youtu.be/0-yy3pirq3Q

19. Conness Lakes https://youtu.be/PU--YM-743g

20. Kearsarge Lakes https://youtu.be/T8u1f_5luTA

21. Tenaya lakes https://youtu.be/ksP572_9mo4

22. Constance Lake https://youtu.be/j0o1_sct9kg

23. Lake Wit-So-Nah-Pah https://youtu.be/j0o1_sct9kg

24. Burro Lake https://youtu.be/SiNebNDfkX4

25. Lake Tahoe https://youtu.be/7JbRmWWIWhc

26. Duck Lake https://youtu.be/UHlbJQp-2z8

27. Pike Lake https://youtu.be/UHlbJQp-2z8

28. Lake Dorothy https://youtu.be/j0o1_sct9kg

29. Mildred Lake https://youtu.be/j0o1_sct9kg

30. Garnet Lake https://youtu.be/V0bwHgCo-wo

31. Echo Lake https://youtu.be/n7bScSTQUK4

32. Little McGee Lake https://youtu.be/j0o1_sct9kg

33. Big McGee Lake https://youtu.be/j0o1_sct9kg

34. Big Pothole Lake https://youtu.be/T8u1f_5luTA

35. Thunder and lightning lake https://youtu.be/r53E12tFvmk

36. Shamrock Lake https://youtu.be/PU--YM-743g

37. Greenstone Lake https://youtu.be/wsxTHIFyNQQ

38. Convict lake https://youtu.be/j0o1_sct9kg

39. Big Five Lakes https://youtu.be/H9J7IWzdeyg

40. Long Lake (Bishop Pass) https://youtu.be/1Zk63gIP-l0

41. Lake Sabrina Lake https://youtu.be/n7bScSTQUK4

42. Mono Lake https://youtu.be/SiNebNDfkX4

43. Fallen Leaf https://youtu.be/3WDf5oTPc4U

44. Tioga Lake https://youtu.be/D5Ud3NddWl8

45. Mirror Lake https://youtu.be/5XguUaSO8lY

Outside Califorrnia

1. Berg Lake https://youtu.be/nlYFeOdJ8Kk

2. Moraine Lake https://youtu.be/J2X_7Wi7qo4

3. Lac Blanc https://youtu.be/m1ofjUzyZrA

4. Glacier Lagoon https://youtu.be/R-aX6peZPsM

5. The Giant Boulders https://youtu.be/VDdjaLrZf-8

6. Crater Lake https://youtu.be/ipE_kuTvaHc

유튜버 Yongsung Kim


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