Backpacking the Sierra: North Lake/South Lake Loop, Kings Canyon National Park
news_cate 케이타운 비디오 유튜버 Yongsung Kim 날짜 2020-07-07

It was the 4th of July weekend of a low snow year. There were some snow patches but we had no problem without microspikes.

This route is very very strenuous due to the large elevation gain/loss and the rugged terrain. Allow you enough time. I recommend that you spend more than 5 days to do this loop. 4 days were quite tight for us.

Day 1: Parked my car at the South Lake trailhead - Took the Bishop Creek Shuttle to North Lake - Lamarck Lake - half mile before Lamarck Col (6 mile, 3500 ft)

Day 2: Lamarck Col - Evolution Lake - half mile before Wanda Lake (8 mile, 1300 ft)

Day 3: Wanda Lake - Muir Pass - Le Conte Canyon (12 mile, 2000 ft)

Day 4: Dusy Basin - Bishop Pass - South Lake (10 mile, 2000 ft)

Here is the shuttle information.…

The shuttle is twice a day and $5 per person. No reservation is required. Have the exact fare as the drivers don't carry change. The shuttle stops 2 miles before North lake as the road is steep and narrow. If you use the shuttle service, you will need to hike up 2 miles on the gravel road to the trailhead  but it's not too bad.

Scenery: ★★★★★

Difficulty: ★★★★★


Here is the map view of my channel. You can browse my videos by their locations.…

Overnight backpacking requires the wilderness permit. The name of the trailhead is Lamarck Lakes.…


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