Annual sales of 20 billion won after listing the company in Amazon
news_cate 케이타운 비디오 유튜버EO 날짜 2020-10-28

Erin Lim in the video was one of the early members at Ticket Monster who experienced a fast growth for 7 years. 

After quitting the job due to the pregnancy and giving birth, she became interested in baby carriers while having difficulties in breastfeeding.  

With the support from her husband who was co-founder of Ticket Monster and her courage, she was able to make the baby carrier herself. And she could make a success from the early stage because of her passion for the quality and cloth. 

She tried to find a way to sell in Japan and America in the early stage. Now, the company sells products in 50 different countries and makes the sales of 20 billion won. 

Konny by Erin's workspace is impressive as they work and do parenting at the same time. It's 100% work-at-home with no office. So we could film her and her husband working at home. It was impressive to listen to her say that because of the work-at-home environment, she could work and take care of children any time any day and it's a joy.

We recommend this video to people who are wondering about how CEO Erin Lim is thinking about the life of working and parenting at the same time and how she achieved to make the sales of 20 billion won a year. 


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