Do we really need debt? The law of debt that makes you rich or poor | How much is your debt?
news_cate 케이타운 비디오 서울경제썸Thumb 날짜 2021-04-19

People instinctively fear what they owe. Both ‘영끌’ and ‘빚투’ are used in negative meanings. However, if you look around us, you can easily find stock-rich and real estate property values that say, "If you are in debt, you will become poor, but even if you do not have a debt, you can become poor." They are not afraid of debt, hoping that “the current debt will inflate my assets more”. In fact, the top 20% of high income earners in Korea have an average of over 100 million in debt, which inflates their assets. Then maybe 'debt' is like money that becomes medicine if used well, but why is the world so mad about 'debt'? Let's take a closer look at the reality of the debt.


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