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Apostille in Spain


Chances are you’ve heard a lot about Barcelona or Sevilla.

The latter, being the capital of the Andalucía region, is perfect for a city break.

With all the Flamenco, tapas, naranjao, plaza de españa;

I could rest from everything throughout the whole trip in Sevilla.


Apostille procedure simplifies the legalization of documents needed when using a document in other country.

Note that it is only valid in current Hague Convention countries: 120 contracting parties including Spain.

In Spain, this procedure involves the Ministry of Justice through a number of different bodies.

* It does not take place in Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation(MAEUEC) or Spanish Embassies or Counsulates.

For public administrative documents and judicial documents, the following institutions are responsible:

· Oficina Central de Atención al Ciudadano del Ministerio de Justicia (Central Citizen Service Office of the Ministry of Justice)

· Gerencias Territoriales del Ministerio de Justicia (Territorial Managements of the Ministry of Justice)

· Secretarías de Gobierno de los Tribunales Superiores de Justicia (Government Secretariats of the Superior Courts of Justice)

For Public judicial documents issued by the National Court and the Supreme Court:

· Secretarios de Gobierno de los respectivos tribunales (Secretaries of Government of the respective courts)

For notary documents and private documents:

· Colegios Notariales o aquellos Notarios en quien deleguen (the notarial association or notary delegated to issue apostilles)

Unfortunately, these documents have to be apostilled only in the country they are originally from, in this case Spain.

What if you’re not currently in Spain?

Even so, we can help you with an Apostille of your spanish document!

You can find more information on everything related to our Apostille process on our website.

If you still have any questions about our process, please feel free to get in touch with us +82 2 747 2185 or

We would be pleased to discuss your needs!

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