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아래의 리스트 외에도 근래 들어 떠오르기 시작한
STEMA(Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Art)
The Coalition(recently introduced application platform) 가 있으며
Holistic Review(포괄적 입학 사정 - 최근 몇년을 통하여 탑 주립들도 이 방식을 채택하고 있다)
Waitlisted등도 알아두면 도움이 될것이다.

▲대학 관련
LAC - liberal arts college
HYPS - Harvard/Yale/Princeton/Stanford
HYPSM - Harvard/Yale/Princeton/Stanford/MIT

HYPSMC - add Caltech
CSU - California State UniversitySystem
CUNY - City University of New YorkSystem
SUNY - State University of New Yorksystem
CCC: California Community College

▲입시 관련
ED - Early Decision (binding)
ED1, ED2 - two different deadlines for schools which have them usually around Nov 1 for ED1, Jan _ for ED2
EA - Early Action (non-binding)
SCEA - Single Choice Early Action(non-binding but can apply toonly one early school)
RA - Rolling Admission
URM - under-represented minority(사회적 약자위치의 소수계)
ADCOM - Admissions Committee
NMF - National Merit Finalist
NMSF - National Merit Semifinalist
Stats - a student’s GPA, test scores,curriculum and ECs
ACT - 평가시험
SAT - 평가시험
GC - guidance counselor
ECs - extracurricular activities
AI - Academic Index
SIR - Statement of Intent to Register
GTO: Guaranteed Transfer Option (the option offered to some freshman UC applicants to go to a CCC and transfer into the UC that offered this)
TAP: Transfer Agreement(CCC to UC 편입 보장)
ELC = Eligibility in the Local Context, which is related to UC admissions, where the top 9% of the graduating class at your local high school (California high schools only) receive special undergraduate admissions consideration.

PLME Brown’s special medical program:
TASP Telluride Association Summer Program, 6 week summer program for juniors. TASS is for sophomores.

▲학자금 관련
FAFSA - Free Application for FederalStudent Aid
CSS Profile - the form you need to fill out for aid at some (사립)colleges/univ (often in addition to FAFSA)
EFC - Estimated Family Contribution(예상 가족 분담금)
COA - Cost of attendance
R & B - room and board
FA - financial aid

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